Stem Cell Treatment Helps to Remove Arthritis and Regenerate Your Skin Making It Look Younger

Best Non-Surgical Way to Treat Arthritis

Both men and women suffering from arthritis can opt for the best alternative treatment to surgery to relieve pain and discomfort forever. Through stem cell therapy for arthritis, a person can resume his or her normal tasks after a few weeks without having any side effects or weakness.

What are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are living tissue that is founded inside the body of all human beings. Doctors extract bioactive stem cells from the bone marrow and then concentrate the same to inject back into the patient’s body in the damaged area. Thus, people suffering from chronic pain in the hip, ankle, shoulder, and elbow joint and from back pain can heal quickly when they pay a visit to healthcare clinic offering stem cell therapies. The specialists working in MetroMD offer the best stem cell treatment in Los Angeles and Hollywood area.

Is Stem Cell Therapy Legal and Safe?

In the U.S., this kind of treatment is absolutely legal. Besides, it is safe to apply on any patient’s body since the stem cells are collected from the patient’s body itself. Best of clinics practice autologous stem cell treatment where the recipient and the donor are the same person; hence chances of infection or other diseases are eliminated. The therapy of extracting and injecting active stem cells are done on the same day after spending a few hours concentrating the stem cells. Taking out stem cells from the bone marrow is best since this area of our body contains a richer source of bioactive cells compared to other body parts.

Any kind of injury or arthritis in the knees, hips, ankles, shoulders, elbows or back can be treated quickly through this advanced and proven stem cell therapy. The method is minimally-invasive and cost-effective for people of all ages and gender.


Through Stem Cell Injections, Arthritis Pain can be Eliminated Forever

People suffering from arthritis are unable to walk or move properly because of chronic pain in the joints. Such people have no other option left than to spend sleepless nights groaning in pain. Medical science has developed in the modern times and now through stem cell transplant, arthritis and such other joint pain and discomfort can be removed permanently.

Treatment to Eliminate Arthritis

There are many healthcare clinics in Los Angeles, USA that is well-known for providing stem cell treatment to both men and women. Through such therapy, people can easily resume movement and perform their daily tasks without any problem.

Knee Stem Cell Injection – A highly preferred stem cell therapy for arthritis, injection is given in the injured knee of the patient to heal broken or damaged cartilage and ligaments. Contrary to the traditional surgical method, stem cell therapy is non-surgical and helps a patient recover fast.

Hip Stem Cell Injection – Stem cells are collected from the patient’s body to give the injection in the affected hip area for complete retrieval within a short span of time. This therapy is 100% safe since chances of infections are eliminated by taking stem cells from a different donor’s body.

Ankle Stem Cell Injection – People especially the athletes often injure their ankles while playing. They find very difficult to move with a broken ankle and continue playing. What maximum doctors suggest in such a situation is going for an ankle stem cell injection. An injection is given daily by a specialist to help the person have an improved ankle in quick time. The doctors at MetroMD help to easily fix a damaged ankle without doing a surgery.

Shoulder Stem Cell Injection – Injections are given regularly to heal damaged shoulder tissues and arthritis pain.

Elbow Stem Cell Injection – The Best alternative therapy for of tennis elbow.

Back Injury and Vertebral Disc Stem Cell Injection are given to people to heal damaged back or Degenerative Disc Disease.

Improve Your Body Shape and Contour by Opting for Liposuction

Liposuction: The Method

People who want to get rid of unwanted fat deposits from their body and want to get back to shape and look all the more beautiful and attractive are suggested liposuction therapy by doctors. During this procedure, doctors remove the fat cells from specific areas of the body such as from the face, waist, chin, hips, and more. Liposuction in Los Angeles, USA is done by trained doctors and the method is designed to remove fat and fat cells from the body permanently. Some areas of our body develop fat that cannot be easily removed by regular exercise or dieting. Lipolysis proves to be ideal in such situations.

When to Consider Liposuction

Liposuction can be considered if you have small pockets of fat deposits in your body which are difficult to remove. Besides, if the fatty areas are disproportionate with the rest of your body then also such a method is highly suggested by doctors. The younger generation today wants to look sleeker and for that, liposuction is regarded as the best procedure. You can easily bring your body to perfect shape and attractive contour by undergoing lipolysis. Furthermore, people usually visits a doctor specialized in liposuction to tighten their skin.

Ideal Candidates for Liposuction

People of all ages and gender can undergo this treatment to get rid of localized fat deposits. Men and women who want to improve their body shape and weight can visit a good doctor offering liposuction in their locality.

Smartlipo Procedure

An increasing number of doctors in USA are using the Smartlipo Liposuction method to treat obese people. During this procedure, doctors use laser technology and equipment to destroy the fat and fat cells permanently. The advanced Smartlipo system is beneficial not only for removal of unwanted fat but also for improving the skin tone by tightening sagging skin that has developed post removal of fat deposits. Unlike the traditional liposuction method, the unique Smartlipo Liposuction therapy will enable you to get more beautiful and hardly leaves any scar on your body. Liposuction before and after pictures clearly shows the change in a human body by tightening the remaining tissues. And a in a non-surgical Smartlipo may prove to be the most ideal options to be proud of later, for people having bags under their eyes or bulges.

Through the laser-assisted technique, low-energy is passed onto the fatty area to liquefy the fat. The liquefied fat is then removed through a small cannula. The whole process is much faster and minimally-invasive. Smartlipo produces great results for patients and they don’t need to sit at home or undergo a time-consuming rehabilitation period. The patients are free to walk, run, and do all kinds of tasks normally done by any other individual. Smartlipo is perfect for sensitive, high-exposure areas and is therefore recommended to candidates having fat in the jaws, neck, thighs, stomach, chest, and face.

Smartlipo Benefits

Smartlipo technology is clinically approved by the FDA and is safe for application on any person. Smartlipo Cynosure provides ThermaGuide and SmartSense delivery systems to help a doctor easily measure the body temperature and motion of the patient during the treatment phase to prevent over-therapy.

Human Growth Hormone Therapy Can help you Enjoy a Better Quality of Life

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a naturally occurring peptide hormone to be found in the base of human brain. Also known as somatotropin, this hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland. HGH is important for our body since it helps in muscle growth and regeneration of cells. In the 1980s, Human Growth Hormone was synthetically developed and even received an approval from the FDA. Soon an increasing number of doctors started recommending the use of Human Growth Hormone for weight loss. HGH treatment helps to remove the unwanted fat deposits from the body leading to bringing a person back to shape.

HGH Therapy for Low Libido

By the age of 30, the level of Human Growth Hormone generation in the body starts decreasing. It is a natural process that happens to every man. Due to low HGH, men usually loses an interested in sexual activities. They also suffer from low energy level and develop grey hair, gain weight, have fines lines and wrinkle on the face, hands and legs, and overall become restless. As an effective treatment to low libido and energy level, best of HGH Therapy provider suggests artificially injecting HGH inside the body. Such a therapy leads to rise in energy level along with showing signs of gain in body mass and high testosterone.

Human Growth Hormone for Growth Deficiency

There are many children who have shorter height since birth. Such children usually suffer from an inferiority complex and lead an unhappy life. The growth deficiency in a child can easily be corrected using HGH. Studies have found that a child can grow up to 1 to 2 inches annually after been treated with Human Growth Hormone. Doctors in MetroMD healthcare clinic offer the best of HGH therapy in a friendly ambiance to improve the height of children and make them and their parents happy forever.

Liposuction rids you of Unwanted Fat: Time’s for you to get Flab-Free!

Liposuction is the therapy to remove excessive fat deposits from different parts of your body including the face, chin, waist, belly, and so on. This method is safe to use and also is a non-surgical procedure without the use of knife. Liposuction doctor in Beverly Hills and in other regions of Los Angeles helps to regain the lost beauty by bringing your body in perfect shape using the easy to implement lipolysis. This method is also ideal for removal of love handles and saddlebags to make a person look all the more attractive.

Smartlipo System: An Outstanding help

Smartlipo is the procedure for application of laser rays during lipolysis. Many doctors in LA apply this method on the patients for fast removal of unwanted fat deposits which are otherwise difficult to shed off through dieting and exercising. A Cynosure liposuction doctor is the one who uses the latest technology to safely do liposuction to permanently destroy the fat cells in the fatty areas. The unique Smartlipo from the Cynosure is far more effective than the traditional liposuction method in the sense that it not only removes the fat cells but also helps in tightening the underlying tissues and sagging skin to not leave any signs of weight loss in your body.

Smartlipo is Safe and Minimally Invasive

The doctors in Beverly Hills who perform Smartlipo have certified this process as 100% safe without any side effects. This advanced liposuction therapy is minimally-invasive and promotes tissue retraction quickly. In addition, Smartlipo includes the ThermaGuide and SmartSense delivery systems for reading the temperature and getting the motion-sensing feedback in real time. A paten undergoing such a therapy can easily return to normal life enjoying walking and doing all such other daily tasks without any problem.

Liposuction and Cynosure Liposuction doctors in Beverly Hills offer faster healing and pain-free fat removal therapy at an affordable price.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Enables You to Stay Younger and Sexier

Importance of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) hormone replacement therapy is ideal for people who want to retain their younger look forever. Human Growth Hormone (HGH) also known as Somatotropin is a large protein-based peptide hormone, usually found in the pituitary gland at the base of the human brain. With age, the production of this hormone decreases showing signs of aging, lower energy level, and libido. The hormone replacement therapy is done to reverse the signs of aging by improving our immune system and increasing natural drive for sex.

Contact Trained Doctors for HGH Therapy

Best of HGH Therapy provider in Los Angeles and other regions of USA give HGH injection in the fatty areas of the patient’s body to reduce fat deposits, improve the skin texture, and increase bone density. HGH injection is not at all painful and does not lead to bleeding or bruising. Moreover, this therapy does not cause cancer and is therefore absolutely safe to use on any person’s body. A trained doctor injects the treated HGH inside the body of an adult for improving sexual performance, to increase metabolism and energy level. Also, HGH injection is given to a child to help him or her grow by at least 1 to 2 inches annually.

Testosterone Replacement and Compounded Hormones Therapy

Men can also undergo Testosterone Replacement Therapy to improve function of gonad and also replace the lost peptide hormones. MetroMD offers an attractive combo package of HGH therapy and testosterone replacement injection at a reduced cost. MetroMD healthcare clinic in LA also provides custom compounded hormones treatment to those suffering from sleep disturbance, change of mood, and decreased libido. Patients will be charged only for the first visit, the other two follow-up visits will be free.

Thus, to get the best hormone replacement therapy in LA and have a younger look and feel, you must contact an experienced doctor today!


Get Rid of Unwanted Fat: Advanced SmartLipo Liposuction Therapy

Lipolysis is the method of removal of excessive, unwanted fat from various parts of the body especially from the face, chin, around the waist, thighs, and belly. This method has proved to be very helpful to people looking to regain their lost beauty and lose weight through safe and sound non-surgical procedure. To get the best benefit from liposuction in Los Angeles, one can go for the advanced SmartLipo liposuction therapy.

With the advanced Smartlipo lipolysis system, there is absolutely no need to follow a strict regime of dieting and exercise. During this procedure, the fat cells are disrupted via laser-assisted technology. TheSmartLipo-based lipolysis system includes ThermaGuide and SmartSense delivery systems to track the patient’s temperature and motion-sensing feedback in real time. This procedure offers fast healing and includes minimal incursion in the fatty areas of your body.

Through SmartLipo liposuction therapy, talented liposuction doctor in Los Angeles and in other areas of Los Angeles can easily remove fat from areas where the traditional liposuction method fails to produce the desired result. This smart, highly cost-effective SmartLipo liposuction procedure offers utmost safety to patients and help to quickly recover and lead a normal life without the need to undergo a time-consuming rehabilitation phase. There are many healthcare and beauty clinics offering SmartLipo that people can pay a visit to for consulting with the experienced doctors at their convenience.

The SmartLipo-based liposuction treatment includes usage of laser rays and computer-aided procedures to dislocate the fat cells and tissues resulting in retraction of the tissues and providing a long-lasting, fat-free region. The highly talented liposuction doctors inLos Angeles ensure the patients go through a least traumatic fat removal procedure within hours with consistent results guaranteed.

Thus, for all those who hate exercising and dieting can quickly consult a doctor offering minimally-invasive SmartLipo-based liposuction therapy to have a fat-free, beautiful body forever! Away from the chaos and hidden complicacies, for certain and positive liposuction before and after effectseveryone, look no further than to a service renders its services via automated, computer-controlled precision device. And that’s where MetroMD scores above the others.


MetroMD announces its SmartLipo Service in Los Angeles; Promises safer, simpler, and quicker liposuction & body contouring procedure

MetroMD, one of the leading names in hormone replacement, stem cell and regenerative therapy in California, now enters into a highly competitive domain of liposuction therapies with Mr Devin Stone, the Director of Operations at MetroMD, announcing his company’s decision to include services of SmartLipo in Los Angeles along with other services.

Detailing on the MetroMD’s SmartLipo liposuction procedure, Dr Alex Martin, MD, and MetroMD’s Medical Director elaborates, “MetroMD’s advanced liposuction therapy with SmartLipo will serve as the boon for patients suffering from undesirable fat deposition in areas that are, otherwise, out of the reach of the traditional lipolysis procedure. Given the unmatched safety and quick recovery period, which a SmartLipo-based liposuction procedure warrants, there’s hardly anything that comes even close to the success and value that MetroMD’s SmartLipo based liposuction therapy offers.” A laser-assisted and computer-controlled lipolysis porocedure via SmartLipo promotes tissue retraction through soft tissue coagulation and renders a lasting, natural fat-free region – within hours.

MetroMD’s liposuction Advantages:

Armed with the tool as efficient as the SmartLipo, Dr. Alex Martin believes that his team of experts will ensure following benefits for everyone who is looking for an expert liposuction doctor in Beverly Hills or in other parts of Los Angeles. When it comes to comparison between SmartLipo- aided liposuction procedure to that of traditional liposuction/lipolysis methodology, following are three major areas of difference, where SmartLipo is believed to score over its counterpart by involving,

  1. Minimal invasion, least trauma and far quicker healing
  2. Completely automated and computer-controlled procedure
  3. Consistent results and easy processing – even across highly fibrotic areas

Mr. Devin Stone, the Director of Operations at MetroMD, was confident in expressing his belief that along with being a leading name in regenerative medicines, soon, MetroMD will become one of the choicest destinations of liposuction in Los Angeles. He welcomed everyone in California looking to get rid of their stubborn ‘bulk’ around the tummy, hip, chest, flanks, face and other parts of the body to visit one of MetroMD’s offices in Los Angeles – for free consultation and witness the effectiveness of MetroMD’s SmartLipo-based lipolysis procedure.

Reference :

About SmartLipo

Smartlipo is a laser-assisted lipolysis/liposuction unit. Featuring in-console ThermaGuide and SmartSense delivery systems, the holistic unit makes it possible for experts to track real-time temperature and motion-sensing feedback – rendering unmatched efficiency and safety to a lipolysis procedure.

Innovative Stem Cell Therapy: A Permanent Solution from Joint Pain

Stem cell therapies are done to treat a wide range of diseases in both men and women. If you or any member of your family is suffering from acute joint pain or arthritis then this kind of treatment is best for quick recovery.

Stem Cell Treatment: Solution for Many Problems

Nowadays, stem cell therapy is done to heal different parts of our body including the knees, shoulders, ankle, elbow, back, and hip.

Stem cell therapy is done in many countries across the world to repair injured knee joints. The knees may get damaged due aging, accident or arthritis. The doctors strongly recommend stem cell treatments to help a patient recover from osteoarthritis pain and enduring tendonitis. This is a non-surgical procedure that is cost-effective and does not require the patient to stay at home for recovering purpose. Within a few hours, a person is free to do walking and daily tasks.


During this non-surgical treatment, the doctors collect stem cells from the bone marrow from the patient’s hip or from the stomach area. Then the stem cells are concentrated in the lab and injected into the person’s damaged tissues. This procedure is safe since the stem cells are taken from the patient’s body itself. After the cells are injected, the natural repairing process starts in the broken or injured knee joint and a person gets well quickly.

If you are having a damaged hip joint, what is best for you is stem cell injection to quickly repair the injured hip joint. Stem cells are injected into the hip joint of a patient and gradually the cells help to repair the damaged area. The stem cell therapy is ideal for people who fear costly hip replacements and difficult bone grafting methods.

The traditional surgical methods may require a person to do arthroscopy, bone fusion, or tendon grafting that is costly as well as quite painful. Besides, the patient will need to take rest till the surgery area is completely healed. Many people also complaint of walking or running difficulty after an ankle or feet surgery. With the advancement of medical science, now no longer a person needs to undergo a costly surgery to heal his or her ankle or feet. With stem cells therapy, it has become very easy to repair ankle injuries at any time. The latest stem cells treatment requires giving concentrated stem cells injection in the damaged area for fast recovery from arthritis, tendon tear, or muscle strain.

People who are suffering from acute shoulder pain can easily undergo stem cells therapy to recover from such discomfort fast. The traditional shoulder replacement surgery is expensive. Besides, such a surgery does not provide a long term relief since the implants have a high chance of loosening over time. Thus, what experienced doctors suggest is undergoing stem cells treatment. During this procedure, the doctor collects stem cells from the patient’s body and injects it into the injured area. Stem cells are great alternative to costly surgery and help stimulate growth of healthy new cartilage cells.

People suffering from chronic back pain and ‘tennis elbow’ can also undergo stem cell therapy – so does one suffering from arthritis and other debilitating pain can!


Get the Best of HGH, PRP and Cosmetic Treatment in California

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Many men tend to have a lower libido followed by loss of body and muscle mass, low energy level, change of skin and hair texture, and frequent irritation. Top doctors in California practice Hormone Replacement Therapy to inject Human Growth Hormone (HGH) inside the body to burn the excess body fat and increase blood flow to all vital organs thereby making make men feel healthier, younger, and sexier. This therapy is safe and does not cause cancer.

According to top doctors and medical professionals, Hormone Replacement Therapy is also highly effective to resolve the problem of shorter height in children and supports a healthier growth.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

There are doctors in California who also offer the best of treatment to cure people suffering from low gonad functioning. Testosterone replacement therapy is used on men to replace the lost hormone. Best of healthcare clinics in this region have attractive package for those requiring hormone replacement and testosterone replacement therapy simultaneously.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

If you or any member of your family is suffering from acute joint pain, knee injury, hip pain or ankle pain, you must immediately visit a consultant known for providing proven Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy at an affordable price. By giving PRP injection, any kind of knee, hip, ankle, shoulder, elbow, or back pain can be treated without opting for a costly surgery.

Regenerative Medicine

There are many clinics in California that specializes on regenerative cosmetic procedure that helps both men and women regain their lost beauty and younger look through the removal of scars, fine lines, and winkles from the face, hands, neck, and such other body parts. The latest stem cell therapy helps men and women of all ages get a beautiful looking, healthier skin in short time.

And that’s not all! In addition hormone replacement therapy and host of treatment measures under the regenerative therapy measures, there’s Gene therapy that one can take benefit of. A timely gene therapy helps preventing occurrence of diseases in men and women through the use of vitamin drip customized for the cardiovascular system, bone and joints, immune system, and so on.